New Super PAC to Focus on Western States, Releases Digital Ad Titled "Leadership Matters," and Announces Obama-Biden U.S. Labor Secretary Hilda Solis as Co-Chair

LOS ANGELES, CA -- Today, Win the West, a new Super PAC in support of Joe Biden's campaign for President of the United States, formally kicked off its effort. Enlisting former Obama Biden Administration U.S. Labor Secretary Hilda Solis as its first co-chair, Win the West also rolled out its first digital ad titled "Leadership Matters."

Win the West has two missions: 

  • Keep existing blue states out west blue

  • Compete in purple states out west, with the aim of flipping them blue


The PAC will be singularly focused on investing heavily in battleground states throughout the continental western United States. Our efforts will be data-driven and digital-first with the goal of identifying, persuading and turning out critical voting blocs to help win key western states and ultimately propel Joe Biden to the White House in 2020.


In addition to serving as a former United States Labor Secretary in the Obama Biden Administration, Solis previously served in the U.S. House of Representatives. She is currently a member of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, in the nation's largest county.  In joining Win the West, co-chair Solis stated: 

"America is at a watershed moment in our nation's history. Now, more than ever and especially during this time of crisis, it's vital that we elect a true patriot, someone who values facts and the truth, and who has a profound understanding of how government works and how it can help everyday Americans who are hurting. The only candidate who meets this criteria is former Vice President Joe Biden, and that is why I was proud to be an early endorser of his campaign for President. I know, because I've worked with Joe and I've seen him in action. I know he will work tirelessly and with all his heart to rebuild America, for all of us."


Mathew Littman, a former speechwriter for Joe Biden and executive director for Win the West, added, "It's clear the electoral map has changed dramatically since 2016. Last cycle in 2018, Democrats won statewide in Arizona and came within a razor-thin margin in Texas. Given this new reality, Win the West will not only engage aggressively to protect the blue status of states like Nevada for Biden, but we will also go on offense in the new battlegrounds of the Grand Canyon State and the Lone Star State to help the former Vice President expand the electoral map."

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